‚ÄčKelli Doty

Artist / Art facilitator

In Studio Classes for Summer 2017

Classes to be held at a local art studio in downtown Visalia. I'm currently scheduling for Monday time slots. 

Class is 3-4 hours per day - 12 total, over 2-3 days.

Price: Promotion now running is 25% off of $250 for individual private sessions. Includes follow up group open studio, for ongoing support and encouragement. 


25% off of $50 for group sessions


Contact course facilitator Kelli Doty at (559) 280-3897


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Come paint with me! 

Kelli is an artist and art facilitator, offering  an intuitive painting process that requires no previous painting experience, but is ideally suited to advanced painters as well. Technically, beginners learn the basics of painting a human face, while advanced students can learn a new way of painting that is not based on what you see (although it can), but what is beyond that, using intuition and imagination. You'll be discovering your own unique voice and the joy of being engaged in the creative process.