​Kelli Doty

Artist / Art facilitator

A Beautiful Mistake

Back to wiping out what doesn't work. Now I'm here, hmmmm, challenging but still has potential. As long as i don't . . . 

Trying out some airbrush paints I picked up at a yard sale. No thought, just paint was my inspiration for the day. 

This one started about a year ago, and sat until a week or so ago. Then I started playing around with a face. I had no clue about what wanted to happen and I really had no desire to be in my head about it. So I just started using paint, then pastels, then airbrush paint, then acrylics. It's still a mystery where it will end up and I'm still trying to find the zone, the muse, or let it find me but decided not to let that keep me from "showing up" as I've been encouraged to do. 

​Today was a rough day, I had to stop here. Not crazy about the progress but still going with the "can't make a mistake theory." We'll find out how true that turns out to be. Until tomorrow, I'm resting with the fact that, there are things I love about it. 

Keep what I like, wipe out what doesn't need to be there. I'm liking this, it may be close to being done, just a few minor tweaks. 

Oops, went to far, that totally doesn't work. But I'm still going with the idea that I can't make a mistake. 

Playing with pastels. 

This is a new feature I'm trying, showing changes as they happen, allowing you to view my creative process. 

Experimenting . . . 

This is the completed painting. I'm happy with it. My original intention with this piece was "no thought, just paint." I wanted to be in the moment and not worry about getting it right or making a mistake (and I made many). Although there was a moment I wanted to trash it, but stayed with it, and here is the result. I hope it inspires you to just "show up" at the canvas, or in life, just as you are and let the moment take you into the next beautiful mistake.