​Kelli Doty

Artist / Art facilitator

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Fine Tune your Artistry! -  for the purpose of this class what that means is bringing about potential, using  your imagination, listening to your inner muse (or the Goddess and the Poet in the advanced class). For me it’s about allowing what wants to come through and be expressed onto the canvas. It’s a process of tuning in and creating a painting through listening to the intuitive voice. It is about finding your own unique “voice” or allowing it to find you. It’s a way of aligning with the Divine essence that is you, your own unique brand, the story you, and only you can tell, in paint and poetry.

Other than that, the course addresses the blocks to creativity, those shadow places. They show up as feelings or thoughts of unworthiness. They say we are not good enough. If not dealt with they prevent us from ever moving forward, of developing our gifts; of discovering the joy of living a creative life that is inspired, fulfilling and meaningful.

It’s about learning a few basic painting techniques. It’s about accepting where you are right now as the place to begin. It’s about the art of surrendering to life. It’s about learning from each other. It’s about PLAY, and when it’s not, it’s about showing up and being present in the moment with whatever is happening. It’s about being supported when you are stuck and want to give up. It’s about releasing what doesn’t work and finding what does. It’s about listening to what you love about what is happening and allowing the magic to happen or not, meaning, not forcing (unless that works), but showing up and discovering something new. It’s about commitment, investing in yourself and saying Yes!

What if you could . . . 

The Goddess and the Poet . . . paint the God/dess, speak for the Poet . . . in you.         (still in development, stay tuned for more to come).

Coming soon: A free lesson on how to transfer a sketch from sketchbook to canvas with minimal distortion of original image. Many times a sketchbook is just the start of what you wish to create, but sometimes you get something that is perfect as it is, only it's on sketch paper. This technique allows you to almost photocopy your original sketch to canvas. I'll use it on the sketch you see here. Coming soon, so add your name along with "sketch transfer" to the subject line and Ill send it as soon as it's ready. 

If you don't already have one, get a sketchbook. Keep it with you, your paintings start here. A sketch of my latest vision, about the feeling of surrender. This was a special moment for me, when I have a full color vision in my head and am able to sketch it well enough to capture the essence. Hopefully I'll be able to paint it with the same vibrancy my imagination saw.