​Kelli Doty

Artist / Art facilitator


This is why I love art, why I collect art, why I make art and why I teach art. This is by one of my favorite artists and in my private collection. I make art because I enjoy it. It challenges me to stretch and grow, to think in new ways, to express, communicate and connect. It allows me to be the instrument of my imagination. It’s a vehicle of expression for the Divine that allows my life force energy to flow and in doing so I can provide this opportunity for other to do the same.

In moments, I am so inspired by an experience that moved me deeply, touched my soul in some way, and allowed me to experience how magical life is, even when it doesn't seem to be. It’s what gives my life meaning and a feeling of connection. I want to recreate it, warmly embrace it, know it intimately and allow more of it to flow through me. I want to capture the beauty of its essence. I want to share it with others. Sometimes I can't do it justice, but I try and hope others will get it. When they do, it is magic, it is art, and it is why I choose to explore my creativity. 

I have seen the field of infinite possibility and it is full of potential just waiting to be brought into form. It's there for us all! With imagination, creativity, and commitment we can push back limits and dare to live an inspired life, with grace and ease, harmony and flow, and when the going gets hard, a knowing that we are all in this together. Let do this!   

What I do and why I do it

I have a passion for capturing moments of inspiration, of creating forms for bringing dreams and visions to life. I have the skill and training to help you take your next step. Lets get started!  

The drawing to the right is a charcoal self portrait for a drawing class I took in 2009. That was a start, and from there I tried many other art forms, such as ceramics and sculpture; as well as painting and facilitating the Art of Allowing. I have no idea where it will take me and that's part of the mystery. I'm on this magical mystery ride like everyone else, not knowing the details but trusting I'm on the right path, and if nothing else, staying committed to my purpose of finding my voice and making it sing. As singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen put it in his Prince of Asturias speech: "if I knew where the good songs came from I'd go there more often."  

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let me help you paint your story.

about Me

"The dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keeping awake the sense of wonder in the world."  Marc Chagall.
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